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  • Cat people

    25th June 2024

    Rachael Smith and her husband Ade are confirmed ‘cat people’ and are prepared to dispel some commonly perpetrated myths surrounding their feline friends

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  • Dedicated dog lover Phoebe Langston had always had at least canine companion in her life whilst living in her family home in Rutland. When she moved out to set up home with her partner, it wasn’t long before two became three, writes Amander Meade

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  • Taylor & Tails

    21st February 2022

    Stamford firm Taylor & Tails recently launched their own range of luxury dog beds, which are ethically and sustainably produced at a highly competitive price point. Editor Clare Rudd-Jones went to meet them to find out more

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  • Part of the parrot family, cockatiels are gentle, affectionate pets. Amander Meade visited Harry and his owner, David Howley, to find out more

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  • Guinea pigs

    21st June 2021

    Jane Evans is Vice Chair of The Welland Valley Cavy Club and offers her advice around keeping these adorable, sociable rodents as pets

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  • When Ellie Cameron persuaded her parents to get a puppy, their preference was for a pure-bred, hypo-allergenic, non-moulting breed. Little did they know they would lose their hearts to a Romanian street dog, who ‘moults like crazy and hasn’t even got a tail!’

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  • Two little pigs

    22nd March 2021

    Meet Rosie and Beetle, a pair of pigs belonging to Emma Brown. From the third generation of a farming family, Emma is no stranger to the inevitable lifecycle of agricultural livestock. Yet, there’s no chance of her beloved pigs ending up on her plate, thanks to their charm, intelligence and immense personality

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  • When the Burrows family moved to a house with a larger garden, Charlie (12) and William (9) wasted no time in assembling a flock of assorted birds, which provide the family and some of their lucky neighbours with delicious, free-range eggs. The boys tell Amander Meade why chickens make great pets

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