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  • Valentine lovers

    23rd January 2023

    February… Not a month known for its wonderful weather but perhaps there is some compensation in the fact that it plays host to St Valentine’s Day, that annual celebration of love and lovers. So here, writes Caroline Aston, is a bouquet of historic romance culled from our counties to get us in the mood for that special day

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  • As we prepare to celebrate a festive season like no other in modern times, Caroline Aston takes a glimpse back in time at Christmas past traditions and Queen Victoria’s links with three local noble families

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  • A new year begins, and science continues its fight against the ravages of the pandemic. One feature of this dark time, writes Caroline Aston, has been the countless acts of kindness that have brought comfort to so many. The history of virtually every city, town and village in the country records the foundation of charities dedicated to alleviating and improving the lot of the less fortunate

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  • Caroline Aston recounts the fascinating story of Mr Henry Vincent, who was a leader in the Chartist Movement, fighting the fight for electoral reforms for working-class men… a tale with an Oakham connection

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