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  • A sustainable future

    26th February 2021

    Delving deeper into the issue of sustainability, writes Debs Pennell, there are many questions… Why do supermarkets offer so many products with far too much packaging, often in plastics that are non-recyclable? What can I do to help the environment?

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  • Local people: The good life

    29th December 2020

    New allotment holders, Rebecca Downey and family, discovered the joys of getting to grips with their plot during a year of lockdown restrictions in 2020

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  • The current exhibition at Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, running through January, focusses on the watercolours of the late Robert Dawson. This exhibition marks the gallery having added Dawson’s works to its portfolio of estates of 20th-century British artists

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  • As we prepare to celebrate a festive season like no other in modern times, Caroline Aston takes a glimpse back in time at Christmas past traditions and Queen Victoria’s links with three local noble families

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  • A new year begins, and science continues its fight against the ravages of the pandemic. One feature of this dark time, writes Caroline Aston, has been the countless acts of kindness that have brought comfort to so many. The history of virtually every city, town and village in the country records the foundation of charities dedicated to alleviating and improving the lot of the less fortunate

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  • When the Burrows family moved to a house with a larger garden, Charlie (12) and William (9) wasted no time in assembling a flock of assorted birds, which provide the family and some of their lucky neighbours with delicious, free-range eggs. The boys tell Amander Meade why chickens make great pets

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  • Burghley House

    23rd December 2020

    Burghley Park is a brilliant place to walk in the winter months, with its hard surfaces and tranquil atmosphere. In this picture, Burghley House looks almost oriental through the mist….

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  • Local fashion: ever so cosy!

    30th November 2020

    Stylist Sally Stillingfleet looks at cosy chic… a snuggly jumper, casual ‘slow’ trousers, easy pieces to wear with slippers. Perfect for the current climate!

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