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We’re back…

September 2020 was our first issue back following lockdown

We watched and admired as one by one you came back into the market, and we were struck by your entrepreneurial spirit – you were not content just coming back ‘same old, same old’, you were determined to have something fresh and new to offer. In the words of one of our advertisers, ‘we want to offer the new special.’ And in that spirit, we were determined to do the same.

We want to reflect and celebrate the new more considerate spirit in our community – still more of a focus on local, well-made, authentic products and services.

A brand-new format offering you knockout value

New times require bold moves – and none more so than our incredible new magazine and online offering.

We have come back into the market with one glossy, perfect-bound, dramatically expanded magazine with a thicker cover and it offers readers and advertisers a full coverage of our whole region every month.

And the truly incredible thing is our circulation – up to 20,000 copies, 60,000+ readers – more than double what we have been able to offer with each individual magazine.

The very best content

We are focusing our editorial firepower on producing one simply fabulous magazine, and each area of our region will be covered in the editorial. This allows readers to fully appreciate their own area, but also to find out more about adjoining areas.

We will still retain our familiar and much loved brands that everyone associates with and trusts – so Stamford Living, Rutland Living, Market Harborough Living and Nene Valley Living (reverting to that name from Nene Living). So there are four different brands on the covers with the same brilliant content inside.

The look and feel of the magazine is still more modern and design-led, with top photography and illustrations. Our contributors, who live right across our region, are all experts in their respective fields, and will make new discoveries and bring out the people and local side of every story.

We are also revolutionising our digital offering, with Local Living Online

We recognise that there are many ways you want to interact with your audience beyond print, and we can help with almost all of them.

We have completely re-vamped our website to make it much more interactive, and we have set up an email marketing newsletter every month that is especially useful for competitions and offers. We continue to build dominant positions in social media and we also now offer the magazine through an app.

When you come on board with us, we can offer you a full advertising, editorial and digital package to maximise your interaction with your market.

Reflecting our glorious region

This is our region, with its quintessential market towns, honey-coloured stone, the rivers Welland and the Nene running through it and Rutland Water at its heart. This is the new Cotswolds without the crowds.

The majority of our print run goes direct through the letterboxes to ABC1 households, guaranteeing you first-rate coverage and readership. We run our own distribution teams, which results in more precisely targeted deliveries. The balance of copies will go to hotels, restaurants, cafés and through retail outlets to ensure they are seen by the maximum number of visitors to each town in our region.

A full advertiser package that includes editorial and digital marketing support is available on bookings of six months or more. This will include a series discount.

Size£ Rate exc. VAT
Double-page spread1,400
Full page800
Half page430
Quarter page270
Eighth page160
Directory£200 for 6 insertions
Leafletsfrom £40 per 1,000
Advertisement sizesDepthWidth
Full-page type277mm190mm
Full-page bleed303mm216mm
Half-page horizontal133mm190mm
Half-page vertical277mm90mm
Quarter page133mm90mm
Eighth page62mm90mm

We thrive on being local

We all live locally, socialise locally, school our kids locally, walk locally, shop locally and enjoy cultural events locally!

In the words of Ben Jones at The Olive Branch: ‘I like the style of the Living Magazine and the fact that it is so firmly based around what is going on locally. Over the years, it has been an important marketing tool for us.’

Contact our advertisement managers to get booked up:

Nene Valley:
Nicholas Rudd-Jones, 01780 765571,

Rutland & Market Harborough:
Tracy Watkinson, 01572 813187,

Claudia Bayley, 01780 482828,

Advertising Copy:
Rachel Beecroft, 01780 765320,

Publishing and Editorial:
Nicholas Rudd-Jones, 01780 765571,

Local Living Ltd,
PO Box 208,
Lincs, PE9 9FY

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