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Taylor & Tails

21st February 2022

Stamford firm Taylor & Tails recently launched their own range of luxury dog beds, which are ethically and sustainably produced at a highly competitive price point. Editor Clare Rudd-Jones went to meet them to find out more

While researching pet products, Taylor & Tails’ founders, Linda and Robert, discovered that the average life of a dog bed is just 6 months. Alarmed by this, the eco-focused couple set about creating a product to blow that statistic out of the water – something that would be long lasting, ethically produced, stylish and comfortable… and that both pet and owner would love. ‘We care deeply about sustainability and believe that making eco-conscious purchases shouldn’t have to be at the expense of a beautiful, quality finish,’ they explain. 

Linda and Robert of Taylor & Tails

After 14 months of extensive research and numerous trials with different fabrics and fillings, Taylor & Tails launched with a carefully curated offering that is absolutely in tune with Linda and Robert’s beliefs and aims.

The filling

The beds, which are produced in Europe to keep the carbon footprint comparatively low, are filled with the offcuts from memory foam mattresses and memory foam toys. Robert notes that 50% of memory foam offcuts go into landfill – that’s an awful lot of waste! Since the offcuts are new (ie not recycled) material, they are as robust as a brand new product – a definite bonus with lively pups in mind. 

The memory foam provides support and encourages spinal alignment for your pet and it’s also nicely responsive to body temperature, offering extra comfort. The foam, which is in the form of ‘flakes’, is contained within a zipped, water-resistant liner to give an extra layer of protection from those inevitable little accidents, and you can add or remove filling to create just the right level of support for the size and health needs of your pet. 

The covers

Taylor & Tails beds feature a combination of upholstery fabric and vegan leather, which looks smart and has the luxury finish that Robert and Linda wanted. They carried out rigorous testing to ensure that the fabric used for the covers was durable – as scratchproof and waterproof as possible, wipeable for those day-to-day marks, and washable in a washing machine. The fabric has a nanoparticle coating that repels dirt and moisture and keeps dust mites at bay, and it’s naturally hypoallergenic, which is perfect for sensitive pooches. Robert explains that the company manufacturing the beds even has an in-house vet, which gives reassurance that the beds are professionally checked for pet health.

The designs

Luxury nest bed from Taylor & Tails

The beds are made in two styles: premium mattresses (for dogs that like to stretch out) and luxury nest beds (for pooches that like to feel cocooned; also best for puppies). Linda and Robert recommend buying one bed to last – for a puppy, simply roll up a blanket to fill the extra space, then remove this as your pet grows. 

Each design comes in a range of colourways and sizes (a handy size guide is given online). Robert tells me that the colourways were chosen with the help of interior designers, including Stamford-based Hunters Interiors – a lovely local touch. When I ask about the names of the colourways, I learn that they come from hero dogs, such as the World War I Sergeant Stubby and Siberian husky Balto. Genius!

You can buy spare covers, making washtime straightforward and meaning that you can ring the changes in terms of the look too. 

The result

Having roadtested the prototypes, Robert and Linda were happy that the Taylor & Tails beds were up to scratch… and it was time to launch. Everything in the process has been so carefully considered… The products look fabulous, they’re practical and sustainably produced, and, compared with market competitors, they’re very well priced. The local factor adds to the appeal too. For pet and owner, what’s not to like? As Robert says: ‘You’ll be just as happy with your Taylor & Tails bed as your pet is.’ 

We wish Taylor & Tails every success with their new venture.

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