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Life Rituals Talks at Fika

17th April 2024

This April, Life Rituals, an integrative medicine and healthcare practice in Oakham, is launching a series of informative and empowering talks to support your physical and mental health at neighbouring cafe Fika. Clare Rudd-Jones caught up with Life Rituals’ founder, Jo George, to find out more about this exciting news

Life Rituals is a base for an impressive team of healthcare professionals offering a broad range of therapies and expertise, providing integrative healthcare for all the family under one roof. Here, personalised healthcare plans tackle the root cause of ill health instead of the ‘sticking plaster’, or symptoms-based, approach. The practice is led by Jo George, and this spring she is launching a number of healthcare talks, to be held at Fika in Oakham. The talks, which Jo plans to be the start of a regular series, will be a fabulous way to find out more about Life Rituals, the holistic treatments on offer there and the practitioners in the team. Up first, in April, is a session on the menopause (also covering perimenopause and post-menopause), followed in May by a talk on gut health and digestive disorders. More details about each of these below.


Wednesday 17 April

Join Life Rituals for an educational, empowering evening of science-based discussion on navigating the journey through menopause. This in-person event at Fika on Mill Street will be led by Acupuncturists Kerry Byrne and Aelish Anderson, Nutritionist James Dunham, Medical Herbalist Ginny Kemp and Reflexologist Jane Knight. Each practitioner will share valuable insights into their approach to the perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause and will dive into topics including managing symptoms, self-care practices and embracing this new phase of life. The knowledgeable team will cover ways of staying healthy after the menopause, from bone health to digestion – the latter changes as we age, meaning that it is helpful to adjust how we see food and assimilate it. Nutritonist James will look at the importance of putting a good gut-health programme into place.

Jo explains: ‘This talk will be a fabulous opportunity for those attending to hear more about the practices we offer at the clinic. There has been a lot of coverage around the perimenopause and menopause in recent times, typically with treatment focusing on HRT. There is a tendency to overmedicalise what is a very natural phase in a woman’s life and it’s not the only option out there. It’s important to stress that we are open to all options, and not against HRT. This talk will consider physical symptoms as well as mental and psychological ones, and it’ll also take into account relationships and the shift in a woman’s role at this time of life. We hope that those attending will gain valuable insights and take something away to help them during this transformative time.’

Book at


Wednesday 15 May

Join Medical Herbalist Ginny Kemp, Nutritionist James Dunham and Acupuncturists Kerry Byrne and Aelish Anderson for an evening of insightful discussions and practical tips on how to improve your gut health. Learn the secrets to a healthier gut and discover how an unhealthy one can negatively impact your overall wellbeing. Life Rituals’ expert speakers will be discussing IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), silent reflux and food intolerances. Jo told me: ‘It is really important for hormonal balance and, in turn, mental health, to have a healthy gut. There are ways in which the digestive system can be handled and it’s generally more complex than just taking a probiotic. Come along to the talk to find out why, see what you can do to can improve your own gut health and discover how our therapies can help.’

FIND OUT MORE & BOOK: Both talks will be at Fika, 10d Mill Street, Oakham LE15 6EA and will run from 7–9pm. Tickets are £10 per person for each talk, bookable via the links above and this QR code. All the practitioners talking will be offering the £10 ticket price off an individual consultation with themselves. 


The therapies that Life Rituals offers include acupuncture, medical herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, osteopathy, reflexology, Indian head massage, reiki, myofascial cupping, the Zone Face Lift and holistic facials.  Specialist areas include hormones and women’s health, gut health and mental and emotional wellbeing (depression, anxiety, grief, relationship/work issues, etc). Children and teens are catered to as well as adults. 

Life Rituals, 24 Mill Street, Oakham LE15 6EA,

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