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  • Stamford Sings!

    21st November 2022

    Dynamic, inspirational and with an enviable confidence that belies her youth, Brooke Peverell runs Stamford Sings, a weekly choir for women who come together to learn a wide range of music in a driven but supportive environment. Under Brooke’s passionate leadership, the weekly sessions enable members of the choir to develop vocally and musically, and to enjoy the many benefits that belonging to a music group such as this provides – from precious ‘me’ time and improved posture to the buzz of working as a harmonious team

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  • The third major show of Christopher P. Wood’s paintings is being held at Goldmark gallery in Uppingham from 19 February until 19 March 2022

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  • The Art of Collecting

    27th September 2021

    From the start of October, Gladwells Rutland are hosting an exhibition celebrating the relationship between artist, dealer and collector. We found out more from gallery owner, Cory Fuller ‘Our next hanging…

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  • When Ellie Cameron persuaded her parents to get a puppy, their preference was for a pure-bred, hypo-allergenic, non-moulting breed. Little did they know they would lose their hearts to a Romanian street dog, who ‘moults like crazy and hasn’t even got a tail!’

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  • Two little pigs

    22nd March 2021

    Meet Rosie and Beetle, a pair of pigs belonging to Emma Brown. From the third generation of a farming family, Emma is no stranger to the inevitable lifecycle of agricultural livestock. Yet, there’s no chance of her beloved pigs ending up on her plate, thanks to their charm, intelligence and immense personality

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  • A sustainable future

    26th February 2021

    Delving deeper into the issue of sustainability, writes Debs Pennell, there are many questions… Why do supermarkets offer so many products with far too much packaging, often in plastics that are non-recyclable? What can I do to help the environment?

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