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The Art of Collecting

27th September 2021

Pierre-Eugène Montézin, ‘Sous-bois à l’automne’, Gladwells Rutland

From the start of October, Gladwells Rutland are hosting an exhibition celebrating the relationship between artist, dealer and collector. We found out more from gallery owner, Cory Fuller

‘Our next hanging at our Rutland gallery will demonstrate the different ways in which collections are built over the years. 

‘Our long-standing reputation, history and expertise are there to give our clients confidence. We support our advice with market research and analysis and a long-established presence in the art world – we’ve seen trends and fashions come and go and we can provide our clients with the expertise to support their interests. We underpin this knowledge with a paper trail such as certificates of authenticity and from this point we’re committed to continuing the development of their collection.

‘The walls of my house are hung with the passages of my life.’ 
Gladwells’ client

‘Our advice to those starting on the art-buying process is to buy what you like and what resonates and gives you a sense of joy – after that you do your research to back up this first emotional response, and this is where Gladwells Rutland works with you and supports you.

 ‘Often much of what we do is to listen to people and help them to explore and shape their thoughts, so that they can begin to define what they’re searching for in a painting or sculpture. When you’re investing in something so unique and precious, we’re happy to visit potential buyers’ homes with several of the works they’ve been considering, so these pieces can be hung in situ and contemplated. Naturally, once paintings have been purchased, we’re able to deliver and hang them, if required.

‘We understand that buying art is a very subjective and personal experience; the budget will often start small, and, as a client’s confidence grows, their taste often expands. We’re in this business to build relationships that last – during lockdown we had the chance to look back at all the associations we’ve had with many of our buyers and found that some stretched back more than 50 years and even through generations of the family. Over that time, we have happily bought back and sold many works from their collections, as their tastes changed, their budget grew and their hanging spaces transformed. 

‘As a fine art business, we never stand still, and part of our role is also to champion new and exciting talent, which our clients can discover and collect. In this exhibition we hope to encapsulate much of this.’

Gladwells Rutland, 23 Mill Street, Oakham LE15 6EA,

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