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Summer lights

21st June 2021

Lumison Lighting is an independent lighting design consultancy run by James and Pippa Morrison from their showroom base in Oakham. Highly sought after to consult on lighting projects throughout the UK and beyond, the couple share their thoughts on lighting trends, outdoor options and planning with Amander Meade

Steps take on a magical feeling when lit up on a summer’s evening

Filled with examples of stylish and decorative lighting sourced from some of the finest design houses in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, Lumison is a one-stop solution, whether you require lighting for a new domestic project or a more elaborate exterior plan. James has vast technical experience in lighting design, manufacture and installation, as well as a keen eye for detail. He told us: ‘When you’re installing lighting and all the wiring that comes with it, it should be done once and done properly. Changes later on can be complicated and are often costly.’ On that basis, James recommends seeking advice from a lighting expert at the very earliest planning stage for both interior and exterior lighting projects. 

Latest trends

Natural elements remain popular, with wood a firm favourite for bases and shades, whilst glass – both coloured and clear – takes on new contemporary shape and form. ‘Ninety per cent of what we supply now falls into the “new traditional” category,’ explains James. ‘By that I mean classic pendants used in different shapes or colourways – perhaps selecting a metallic shade over a fabric one to change things up a bit. There is a huge range of options to choose from, and we are happy to help make sure clients achieve just the right look.’

Landscape lighting

Exterior lighting has never been more popular, and there’s no doubt that great lighting outdoors can enhance garden or patio areas enormously, regardless of the space available. In fact, James believes the smaller the space, the greater the impact and importance of clever lighting. ‘The same rules apply whether you’re lighting a huge expanse of ground or a small patio. Give careful consideration to what you want to achieve and what you would like to focus on. For best results, it’s always worth saving for and installing the very best system you can afford. On larger projects, ideally, we collaborate with the landscape designer very early on in the process rather than as an afterthought at the end, when options might be more limited. Landscape lighting and security lighting can be treated as two different things, but they can be cleverly combined with timers and sensors for the best of both worlds.’ 

Making your garden glow

Pendants are a great choice for an outside dining space

Exterior lamps, uplighters, wall lights and pendants all have their place and specific function to create magical effects after dark. Currently in stock is a new and exciting range of outdoor, patio and festoon lighting that is weatherproof and can be left outside all year round. Examples of the latest styles in lanterns and outdoor standard lamps that require no hard wiring and simply plug in can be seen in situ at the Lumison showroom. ‘We’re all spending so much more time at home and in our gardens, so anything that can enhance our outdoor space and extend our evenings when we want to be sociable has to be a good thing,’ says Pippa. ‘We even have an illuminated wine cooler with built-in bluetooth speaker – it’s its own little party.’

There’s no doubt that great lighting has the power to make our homes and gardens more attractive – especially if clever variations of light are used to highlight the best features. Whatever your style, have your own light bulb moment and head to Lumison for the very best expert advice on lighting up your life.

Lumison Lighting, 1 South Street (on the corner of Mill Street), Oakham LE15 6BG, 01572 724600,

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