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Stamford Radiators

21st February 2022

Stamford Radiators supply and install beautiful cast-iron radiators and contemporary-design radiators for your home. They take great pride in offering a personalised and detailed service, taking care of everything from home consultation to supply and installation. Nicholas Rudd-Jones went to meet the team

 Having moved back to Stamford after 15 years, Matt Waterer set up Stamford Radiators in spring 2021. He had been working for all that time with cast-iron radiator specialist, Castrads, who have several showrooms in London and New York, and design and manufacturer beautiful cast-iron radiators. Matt soon became their lead engineer. With a return move to Stamford approaching, Matt felt there would be a market for the radiators in our region and decided to take the plunge to start the new business. He has never looked back.

The radiators

Radiators are typically hidden behind a sofa or a radiator cover, but they really don’t need to be. The designs, colours and accessories that you can choose make a beautiful addition to your interior and they can be such a complementary feature. You can check out Stamford Radiators’ Instagram for some great examples of homes that they have worked with. 

Stamford Radiators only sell and install radiators that they have had first-hand experience with. The radiators are a long-term investment, so it’s important that the selected manufacturers offer excellent, built-to-last products and customer service. All radiators come with a 10-year guarantee and they’re unrivalled in terms of quality. 

Stamford Radiators specialise in cast iron but they also sell more modern-style radiators, inspired by traditional cast-iron designs. Both their cast-iron and column radiator options are made bespoke, tailored to the exact measurements you need for your house, and so most of the time they can work out a suitable radiator for the smallest, largest or most awkward of spaces. 

The traditional cast-iron radiator has made an incredible come back over the years, and you can understand why – they’re timeless, elegant and look stunning in any room. Cast-iron radiators typically come with the misconception that they’re not energy efficient because they’re an older and more traditional heating method, but they’ve developed both technically and visually over time and have excellent heat conductivity and will transfer heat to your room steadily and for longer.

The process

When planning for new radiators in your home, there are several factors and considerations: from understanding the heat output you need, the installation process, your flooring (all the cast-iron radiators are floor standing), and the heating system through to the design, colour and accessories. Stamford Radiators offer a consultation process, where they’ll come to your home to discuss your needs and provide guidance on size, heat output and design. Clients have found this to be a valuable service, as they are often installing radiators as part of other significant refurbishment works. Stamford Radiators can support you with the installation process and work with building partners when required.

Matt commented: ‘It’s been such an exciting year getting the business started, we’ve already worked with many wonderful clients locally and we’re delighted with the feedback we’ve had to date. We’re looking forward to 2022 as we continue to grow, and we have exciting plans this year to re-develop our website, so customers can also purchase online.’ 


07525 376122 

Facebook/Instagram: @stamfordradiators

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