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Mr & Mrs Clarke

3rd August 2021

Nicholas Rudd-Jones met Vicky Floros, who runs the Mr & Mrs Clarke estate agency in Stamford & Rutland, to discuss her very personalised approach to selling your most prized possession

Photo copyright: Rachel Gent Photography
The Mr & Mrs Clarke philosophy

The national Mr & Mrs Clarke estate agency was set up by Paul & Alex Clarke around seven years ago. The agency covers the whole country, and, in this region, Vicky looks after Stamford and Rutland, while Alix Brown looks after the Nene Valley and Market Harborough.

‘At Mr and Mrs Clarke, we truly believe that people shape spaces,’ Vicky told me. ‘The choices, tastes and vision of the homeowner mould a property into a home. A home filled with interest, quirks and style choices. Our task as estate agents is to “hero” the homeowners’ decisions and bring each home to life in the minds of the viewer.

‘We achieve that through a unique mixture of experience, creativity and honesty. From bespoke photography to custom-written descriptions and interior styling, we champion the home, sharing its value with the world and empowering homeowners to take the next step on their journey.

‘We are a very boutique-style service… very personal: I deal with the vendor from start to finish, there is a one-person contact, so you get my experience and attentiveness throughout the process.’

Styling and top photography – a discerningly different service

Vicky continued: ‘Style and homes go hand in hand. We understand the value of beautifully styling homes, so that they’re always looking their best in the photography. As part of our discerningly different service, we offer interior styling for the properties we sell. From positional placement for maximum impact, to beautifully considered furniture, we do whatever it takes to bring your home to life.

Photo copyright: Rachel Gent Photography

‘I am an interior designer, and, through a collaborative process, I will ensure that your home is shown in the best possible light. I prepare a list of things that the vendor needs to do prior to the shoot, and, as part of the service, I may well spend a day with the vendor helping them to change things around.

‘Rachel Gent, a professional photographer, does all my photography. She is really good at capturing the mood rather than just the physical space, bringing out the aspirational element of any property.’

Photo copyright: Rachel Gent Photography
A case study

‘I took on a period property with character in a very desirable part of Stamford that had failed to find a buyer. I could see immediately that its potential was so much greater, and I set about optimising each room and overseeing a complete overhaul of the kitchen, which had been a sticking point for possible purchasers. Very soon after it went onto the market through Mr & Mrs Clarke, it sold to an international buyer, who hadn’t even looked at the listing before.

‘The buyer messaged me on a Sunday (I am “open” 24/7), and I arranged an immediate live walk-though video. She bought it without physically stepping over the threshold.’

About Vicky 

Vicky, her music industry husband and her young daughter decided to move to the countryside after 10 happy years in the vibrant East End of London. They chose Stamford and Rutland – and have never looked back! ‘The lifestyle we could experience in Stamford was really attractive for us as a young family. Space, clean air, gorgeous, pedestrian-only cobblestone roads, a garden (what a luxury!), the list goes on…’

Photo copyright: Rachel Gent Photography

Vicky knows exactly what it’s like to move to the area and fall in love with it, and she has had homes in both Stamford and Barrowden, Rutland (where the family lives now), so she knows both the market town and village market well. 


‘Vicky helped us from start to finish. She came on board with us with renovation and styling advice. Vicky helped create the most beautiful pictures and dealt with every viewing and potential buyer so professionally. She guided us through and shielded us from all the stressful parts of the house-buying and selling process. She is honest, and that is so refreshing in this industry. We would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of selling in Stamford and Rutland.’

‘Mr & Mrs Clarke (Vicky Floros) were amazing. Their professionalism was beyond expectation. Highly recommended; Vicky is a consummate professional. Her styling and approach were just perfect. She has an excellent eye for detail, and I cannot think of anyone else who I would rather have sell my home. Five-star, excellent service. Thank you, Vicky.’

Contact Vicky Floros on 07889 666463 or by email at

Instagram: @theclarkeshouse  

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