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Local business: Natural Structures

26th September 2022

Natural Structures creates beautiful buildings with a contemporary twist that are lovingly and meticulously designed and crafted to create your ideal home. Nicholas Rudd-Jones met with founder, Simon Lewington, at the company’s headquarters in Tur Langton to discuss how he achieves this

Catching up with Simon is always a pleasure – he is a man of enthusiasms and vision, and someone who believes in living life to the full. When you put a brief for developing your home his way, you can be sure that these qualities will be reflected in the solution that he and his very experienced design team come up with: something that is unique and tailored every time to your needs and dreams.

Unique design solutions

Whilst 20 years ago, when the business began, traditional oak frames were all the rage, the market has moved on. Simon’s recent designs offer a much more contemporary flavour – with oak still as the hero but in combination with steel and glass to create that more contemporary feel.

Simon explained: ‘We try to push the design envelope in every project that we are awarded. We want everything to be unique and tailored to the particular client and situation, and we believe that simplicity is also key. Every project is different, so every solution is subtly different too.

‘We start by considering the function that must be fulfilled – often integrated living between the living room, kitchen and dining areas – and then consider the best way to achieve that. We recognise the need to create functional, visual dividers between those spaces whilst embracing the overall integration and size of the space. 

‘Most clients come with a clear idea of function but need an idea of the form that this will take. Whilst we fully manage the majority of our projects we undertake, we are also happy to work with a more “hands-on” client or to work with nominated contractors.

‘Ultimately, we are only satisfied when we feel we have transformed a client’s space, even if that takes many iterations of our design. We have a team of three designers, who are highly skilled and innovative. The design is often the most challenging and rewarding part of the task.’

Dedicated craftsmanship

Then comes the build, about which Simon says: ‘The building is very much the practical end of the task, where quality and timeliness are the key requirements. We have a construction crew of 15 staff and over 30 sub-contractors, some of which have been with us for over 15 years, and, using these professionals, we turn your dreams into reality. We often invite our clients to meet our dedicated team of craftsmen at our barns, so you can see the different manufacturing stages of your proposed design.’

Natural Structures’ projects range from alterations and extensions to Grade II-listed buildings, new builds, extensions and one-off build projects such as Class Q or permitted development projects. If you have a dream that you want to bring to life, why not give Simon and his team a call? 


Natural Structures, The Manor, Main Street, Tur Langton, Leicester LE8 0PJ

01858 545518, @natural_structures

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