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Belvoir at Christmas

21st November 2022

This Christmas, the beautiful Regency castle has been transformed into an immersive experience bringing the rags-to-riches fable of Cinderella to life. Created by award-winning interior designer Charlotte Lloyd-Webber of CLW Event Design, the extravaganza includes a winding walk lit by twinkling lights up to the hilltop fairytale castle, a showstopping presentation featuring bespoke figurines dressed in handmade ballgowns, a life-size gold carriage and a white wedding. For young visitors to the extravaganza, there’s also the opportunity to book tickets to see Santa in his Grotto

Belvoir Castle at Christmas/Photo: Charlotte Graham

Cinderella at Christmas

The story begins in main Guard Room entrance hall, revealing two contrasting worlds in one house. Lavish jewel colours and glamour pop for Cinderella’s stepmother and her daughters, while Cinderella’s world is decorated in a naturalistic fashion to represent her simple life. The Elizabeth Saloon is the perfect setting for the indulgent world of Cinderella’s stepmother, while the State Dining Room features the Fairy Godmother transforming the pumpkin into a carriage. 

Of course, no rendition of the fairytale could be complete without Cinderella climbing into her gold pumpkin carriage, this time in a bespoke peacock gown inspired by the insignia of the Castle, leaving behind her glass slipper on the steps below.  And The Kings Suite of guest bedrooms is the scene for the trying on of the slipper, with each of the rooms themed to Drizella, Anastasia and Cinderella, while the grand finale sees Cinderella marry her Prince Charming in the Regent’s Gallery with the bride dressed in a white peacock wedding gown.

Design director of CLW Event Design, Adrian Lillie, notes: ‘We are bringing our experience from the world of theatre to stage an enormous, immersive, over-the-top theatrical experience full of drama. The inspiration was quite simply the fairytale castle on top of the hill. From designing the peacock fabric for the ballgowns and wedding dress to the specially made mannequins and the bespoke tree decorations and floral arrangements, no attention to detail has been spared.’

Cinderella at Belvoir is on until 1 January 2023. Find out more and book at

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